Is There a Herpes Diet to Help Prevent Outbreaks?

If you suffer from herpes outbreaks, you may be pleased to learn that you can change your diet a little bit to minimize your chances of having an outbreak in the future. There is no guaranteed prevention, of course, but your diet does play a big role in how likely you are to get another round of blisters. What you need to understand is how different components of your food impact your body and the herpes breakouts. Lysine is a food component that will actually reduce the chances of an outbreak, while arginine will actually cause breakouts to occur. Thus when you are planning out your food consumption, you need to avoid foods that are high in arginine and eat foods that are high in lysine.

You have a number of foods that you can eat that are high in lysine. Almost all fruits and vegetables are good to eat, but apricots, mangos, figs, apples and pears are proven to have the highest concentration of lysine in them. Dairy products are also great for preventing herpes breakouts, so drinking a glass of milk in the morning may help your health overall. Chicken, fish, and lamb are all good meats for avoiding herpes outbreaks, but so are tomatoes and eggs.

In terms of foods to stay away from, nuts and oats are known to be high in arginine. Unfortunately, everyone’s favorite, chocolate, has also made its way to the don’t eat list. Brown rice is not good for breakouts, and neither is peanut butter. You should avoid eating white and whole wheat flour products, and you may also want to stay away from caffeine. There are certain multivitamins and protein shakes that contain arginine, and those should not be consumed as they could potentially lead to an outbreak.

If you find it difficult to change your diet for herpes, you can always take a lysine supplement. In addition to that though, you may also look at building up your immune system with a vitamin regimen. Zinc and vitamin C are both known to help reduce your chances of an outbreak, and you can buy supplements of either for a very low cost. Some studies show that acidic foods will also trigger an outbreak, so you want to avoid things like coffee, fruit juice, cigarettes, jellies, deer and bread. By making some simple adjustments to your diet, you will find your reoccurring breakouts to be noticeably less frequent.

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