Herpes and Depression

One of the initial feeling that you may have if you’ve tested positive for HSV is that you’re alone. Unlike other medical conditions where you can get support from family and friends, often times people don’t want to discuss with anyone that they have herpes, and it can lead to a feeling of isolation and depression. It’s important to not allow herpes to define your life. Herpes outbreaks do not happen as often as you might think they will, and each reoccurrence is less severe than the last one. Your suffering decrease as time goes on, so realizing you have herpes might not be as bad as you think. Treatments are readily available, so you can virtually eliminate the outbreaks entirely if you do the right things. Keep your head up; there is plenty of reason to.

Something that may motivate you to maintain a positive attitude is the fact that your depression may actually increase your chances for outbreaks. Any stress, sadness, or extreme mood will cause a slight imbalance in your body. This may cause you to gain weight, lose sleep, or go through a variety of other problems. On top of all of that, you may also get a new round of herpes as a result. You need to remember that the vast majority of your life will not be affected by the herpes. All you need to do is monitor your outbreaks, and you should be able to lead a perfectly healthy life.

There are some things you can avoid which may help reduce your chance of outbreaks, thereby reducing your depression as well. You should maintain a diet with foods that are high in lysine and low in arginine. This means eating fruits, vegetables, dairy products and more. Arginine rich foods like chocolate and oats should be avoided at the same time to help prevent outbreaks from happening. Arginine is actually the substance that your herpes feeds on, so if you can remove that from your diet, you can remove the fuel for outbreaks.

Try to do things that help get your endorphins up, like playing with a dog or going for a brisk walk. Exercise is a very important part of our well being. This may make you feel better about yourself and forget about your herpes altogether. You can’t let depression or herpes stop you from living as you normally would. All you can do is be aware of your symptoms and avoid passing them on to others in the future. Spreading the virus will only make you feel worse about yourself, so watch for your outbreaks and avoid skin to skin contacts until two or three days after they have passed.

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