After Diagnosis, What to Expect from a Life with Herpes?


What to expect from a life with herpes will depend on how you cope with the disease. For some, being diagnosed with a sexually transmitted disease such as herpes psychologically is like a death sentence; others however may simply shrug it off for herpes, despite the stigma associated to it is not deadly like HIV-AIDS.

For the millions of people who are diagnosed or who have been diagnosed with the disease, the condition has proven to be debilitating and self-limiting. Many fall into a deep depression and experience feelings of sorrow, guilt, shame, or anger especially if they are unaware of their previous exposure to a dishonest partner. Likewise, social expectations may prove difficult to bear especially if the sores – a symptom of herpes are located in exposed parts of the body.

Far more weight of the disease is realized especially for pregnant and expecting mothers or those who still want to conceive. Also, people may suddenly feel more cautious and afraid to engage in physical intimacy for fear that they may be rejected or they may give their partners the disease.

These dilemmas and other things that usually give burden to the lives of people with herpes are not easy to give solution to. However, getting all the more depressed will result to stress that predisposes people to have more recurrent outbreaks. Having a more positive outlook in life is difficult to achieve after herpes, but it is the most ideal thing to look forward to.

What to expect from a life with herpes may either be positive or negative depending on whether you have taken the correct steps in dealing with the disease. You have to accept that herpes is treatable, but not curable. However, do not let this fact hinder you from trying to discover whether certain diet, physical or mental state, and activities can help to improve your condition.

Help from physicians or medical professionals is primary and a must. They are the ones who can prescribe you with the correct medication in order for you to deal with herpes and avoid further complications. After this, you can then be referred to counselors that will help and support you battle the emotional difficulties of having the disease. Also, support groups geared on providing education, support, and emotional refuge for people who have herpes are more than willing to give their assistance.

What to expect from a life with herpes can differ from person to person on a case to case basis. However, you need to keep in mind that going into a depression and thinking negatively can give you more trouble. Face your condition with courage, optimism, and utmost hope that there will come a day when cure will be available. Also, it is a fact that the disease gets less debilitating after years. Few relapses will only be expected after a few years. Some have also reported almost no recurrent relapses after having employed proper steps to cope with the disease. With this, you need to think that you are not alone. Likewise, your battle with herpes will be easier once you have people who understand and support you.

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