Is Herpes Painful?

We humans define pain in different levels. What may be painful to some is not to others. This kind of thinking is not that farfetched when it comes to dealing with a disease such as herpes. Herpes is a very commong sexually transmitted disease. Millions are affected by this ailment and continute to balloon. A little known fact about herpes is that it is an ailment that sticks with you for a lifetime. The virus responsible for herpes is known as herpes simplex virus. It causes a cluster of sores or blisters in the skin normally on the genital area or the mouth. It is transmitted via the sores or outbreaks where viral spread is possible whenever sexual contact is made. The tricky part about this disease is that it is very contagious and those who might be labeled as carriers do not exhibit symptoms of herpes at all. Thus, one who does not appear to have herpes may actually spread the virus without knowing it. Is herpes painful? Read on and know the facts.

There are several symptoms of herpes that can occur like having swollen glands, occasional headache, aching of the muscles, mild fever and the characteristic burning when you are passing urine. These are just the symptoms that show you might be infected with herpes. What should concern you even more is when you experience outbreaks. Outbreaks are periods in which the herpes simplex virus becomes active in the body and several things happen afterwards. One of the most common occurrence is that the skin on the genitals or somewhere near it becomes inflamed. A feeling of burning also follows it. During your first outbreak, it can last for a couple of weeks in which you can feel some itching and several blisters or sores appear either on your mouth or your genital area. This episode may be especially painful as your body has no antibodies to fight this new threat, not to mention, often times, it may the largest outbreak you’ll ever encounter. Different folks experience different things when it comes to herpes. Some people suffer extreme pain that it becomes hard for them to do normal daily activities. But still some do not exhibit any symptoms at all. Is herpes painful? The answer to that is it depends if you are one of those individuals who suffer pain as a result of the blisters.

Once the outbreaks reach its final stretch, the sores begin to heal and the virus will lay dormant in the nervous system where it sits there for a lifetime. The only time it will resurface if something triggers its presence. If you are one of the sufferers of herpes you should be aware of the triggers that will encourage outbreaks. Knowledge is your potent weapon to avoid or at least minimize the occurrence of blisters and sores. Stress is one of those triggers as well as vigorous sex, diet, monthly period, and even surgery. When somebody comes up to you and asks this question: Is herpes painful? A resounding yes should be your reply but with a qualification that if managed properly, one does not have to suffer the painful effects of this ailment.

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