Herpes Symptoms – Bone Pain before Herpes Outbreak

Part of preventing an outbreak is to know the symptoms of Herpes and to act accordingly. Herpes is caused by a virus which can be lying dormant within a person and during the dormant stage, a person carrying the virus will not exhibit any symptoms of having it. However, there are some symptoms that can indicate that a person has the virus and that an outbreak is imminent. One such symptom is bone pain. However, bone pain alone does not mean that you are immediately a candidate for having herpes or that an outbreak will occur. You should look for other signs and symptoms to confirm what is causing the pain.

Bone pain and herpes, more specifically genital herpes, certainly comes with dispute. Many physicians have stated that there is no correlation, and it’s generally not medically accepted, but an overwhelming of individuals (especially since the internet) report that prior to an outbreak, they experience bone pain, in their legs, back, buttocks, spine or even joint pain. Some state that it can be quite excruciating, and others swear by the fact they can immediately tell that this pain coincides with an outbreak. Since the herpes virus does lay dormant, one theory, which is currently undergoing tests, is that genital herpes can be associated with what’s called neuropathic pain.

Neuropathic pain, in short, is pain caused by damage to the nervous system. It’s generally found in people with diabetes, people with nutritional deficiencies , hiv and cancer, but has also been found with people that have shingles, which is a type of herpes. It is very possible that any bone pain associated with an outbreak is neuropathic.

Since outbreaks may last for up to two to three weeks, one needs to be prepared to handle the situation and to be patient while this is happening, because some studies show that stress and anxiety can further aggravate or prolong the condition. Anxiety attacks and stress may even start an outbreak, so it is important for people with herpes to be able to take control of their emotions and to stay away from stress as much as possible. Aside from bone pain before an outbreak, you should also watch out for the following symptoms: red or itchy skin, muscle aches, swollen lymph nodes, fever, headaches, and lower back pain.

Since there is no cure for herpes, the best way to fight it is by paying attention to your own symptoms, using a suppression medication, and be watchful of how your own body reacts. Discover how your body reacts to food, stress, etc. It is always important to get as much information about the disease as you can, either through your doctor or by researching on your own. Being familiar with your condition means you would be able to anticipate any complications or future issues, and that you would be able to know what to do in case anything happens. That way, you can relieve yourself of anxiety and stress and you can lessen the possibility of outbreaks from happening. Also remember that having herpes does not mean that you will always have to stay on guard. With proper treatment and medication, you can certainly lead a no-outbreak, healthy life.

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  1. I’m also suffering with genital herpes since last 4 year. I have also always same symptoms, but my doctor suggest me,that’s not causes of herpes,

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