Discover How to Take Natural Supplements to Prevent Herpes Outbreak

The breakout of herpes symptoms can basically change a person’s lifestyle for a week or two while thy run their natural course of manifestation. Herpes cold sores can be hideously unsightly, embarrassing and may have a negative impact on the sufferer’s quality of life. On the other hand, the lesions of genital lesions can be really painful, added to that is the nerve pain that outspread up to the genital area which can interfere with the patient’s sexual activity. In addition to this, the pain caused by genital herpes can cause anxiety as the patient try to struggle in concealing the pain while keeping a facade of a normal life all throughout the flare-ups. While many medical doctors give anti-viral medicines which can aid in controlling, and not entirely treat the symptoms of herpes, for different reasons, some sufferers wish to stay away from taking anti-viral drugs. While monitoring the foods that you eat can greatly do well, but there are also natural supplements to prevent herpes outbreak that may be turned into. Learn how to take these natural supplements to avoid the flare-up of the symptoms and improve quality of life. Here’s how you can do it:

Red Marine Algae. Add this to your diet and your supplementation schedule. Red Marine Algae is readily available in capsule form but you may also choose to mix it in arime form to your food schedule as well.

Zinc. This mineral is among one of the most popular natural supplements to prevent herpes outbreak. Zinc is a known immune booster. It does not only do wonders in combatting the herpes virus, it also aids in lessening colds and other ailments. Zinc is available in the form of a capsule and also in the form of a lozenge. Zinc can also be great when combatting an episode of sore throat.

Vitamin C. Combine this wonder vitamin to your supplementation schedule. This may be availed in crystal or in tablet form. Just like Zinc and turmeric, vitamin C is a known booster of the immune system which helps in fighting off virus.

Turmeric. In capsule or in addition to your diet, consume turmeric. It is a known natural remedy that has anti-inflammatory properties and also aids in strengthening the immune system as it fights off the herpes-causing virus. The ideal dosage of turmeric is about one to two teaspoons in a day. You can add this to stir fry foods, soups and salads or you may take it in capsule form.

L-lysine. Consume L-lysine capsules, beginning with one piece per day and work up to the level indicated on the label of the bottle or strength that you have bought. L-lysine is a type of amino acid and is considered as one of the natural supplements to prevent herpes outbreak that is proven to control the symptoms of herpes. The body requires a balance between the amino acids L-lysine and arginine. Without this essential balance, the virus causing herpes will tend to flourish.

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  1. thanks for these educative information , i thought there is no treatment for herpes but now i am happy that i have found a remedy for the disease

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