Herpes and Honesty: A Make or Break Situation for Couples

Being infected with herpes is not something that can be announced to the whole world. However, it is also something that you need to be ready to talk about especially if you are going out with someone. Herpes and honesty must go in hand in hand, especially if you want to make the relationship work. Remember that if you care for someone, you would not want anything bad to happen to that person and you would also have to muster enough courage to tell that person what he or she needs to know.

Most of the people who are not affected by this disease is unaware of other details and are only concerned about the fact that it is sexually transmitted. If you are starting to like someone, then you should start preparing for the big talk about herpes. You should be able to tell your partner how you got the disease and explain that you will just need enough time for proper treatment before you can take your relationship to a higher level. It’s better that way than to take the blame of transmitting the disease to your partner just because you were afraid to tell him or her about the truth.

Herpes and honesty can sometimes be too difficult to handle. If you think you will not be able to tell someone else about your condition, then it will be better to stop dating for the mean time. However, if you found out that you have herpes during such a time that you are already seeing someone, then you have two choices. You can either forget about the person, or you can be honest enough to tell him or her of your condition, and then let the person decide if the relationship should go on. Most of the time, being honest works out better compared to not telling your partner about your situation.

Not being able to tell your partner about your condition means you are also putting him or her at risk of getting the disease from you. If this happens, and if your partner finds out that he or she got the disease from you, there’s a greater chance that our relationship would end because you could have protected your partner just by simply being honest about your condition. Any relationship without trust is bound to end eventually.

There is really nothing wrong with herpes and honesty existing at the same time. You cannot do anything about having herpes aside from taking medications to prevent the worsening of your condition. And if your partner finds out and sees that you are just being honest about it because you care about him or her so much that you are willing to risk losing the relationship rather than getting him or her infected, then that may be enough to convince your partner to stay with you despite your situation. In the end, being honest about your condition may be the only way to save your relationship from falling apart.

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