The Best Foods To Eat To Manage Herpes Outbreaks


Up until now, research studies are being conducted to find the cure for herpes. While this is being done, you can always do something to control herpes outbreak. One of the most effective control mechanisms is to watch your diet carefully. Here, you can find out more about the best foods to eat to manage herpes outbreaks.

New Treatment for Herpes
Two new therapy treatments for herpes are being looked into-these are the anti-viral and immuno-therapies. Both have potentials in becoming an effective solution to the dreaded contagious disease. In both therapies, diet plays a major role.

There are foods that are found to be beneficial to the body to specifically combat the herpes virus; while there are also foods that may trigger the virus outbreak. In reducing the occurrence of the virus, it helps to discover the best foods to eat to manage herpes outbreaks.

Diet Rich in Lysine
It has been proven by several clinical studies and research that a diet rich in lysine helps keep herpes outbreak in control. Lysine, an amino acid, reduces the occurrence, extent, and the duration of the recurring herpes virus outbreak.

Here are some foods that are rich in lysine:
Fruits and Vegetables

The Role of Lysine in These Foods to Help Manager Herpes Outbreak
These best foods to eat to manage herpes outbreaks contain high amount of the lysine, an amino acid that is found to suppress the reproduction of the herpes simplex virus, the virus responsible for the outbreak.
When the reproduction of the virus responsible for the outbreak is minimized or stopped, it can dramatically lessen the frequency and duration of your herpes outbreak. These foods also strengthen your body’s immune system to fight and prevent viruses to wreak havoc into your health.

What to Avoid
You now know the best foods to eat to manage herpes outbreaks; you must also become aware of the foods that can trigger the outbreak to avoid them and get the most benefits in controlling the herpes virus. It is best to stay away or minimize the consumption of foods that acidic or rich in arginine. Acidic and arginine-rich foods tend to encourage the replication of the virus in the body resulting to more frequent herpes outbreaks. Acidic foods have also demonstrated their capabilities to weaken the immune system making the body more susceptible to infections and diseases such as herpes.

Some of the foods that are either acidic or arginine-rich that are best avoided to control the outbreak are:
alcoholic beverages
coffee, chocolate, and soft drinks
processed carbohydrates
peanuts and soybeans

Knowing what and what not to eat when you are infected with herpes is crucial especially when there is still no known cure for the herpes virus. You can save yourself from the harsh symptoms of the disease by choosing the best foods to eat to manage herpes outbreaks. Certainly you wouldn’t want another outbreak so do your best to keep herpes at bay.

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