How Common is Genital Herpes?

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Herpes is a sexually transmitted disease obtained from unsafe sex or passed from childbirth. How common is genital herpes? In the US, approximately 24.63%, 1 in four people, or about 67 million are thought to be afflicted with the sexually transmitted disease herpes. Herpes comes in two strains of viruses and these can be either the herpes simplex virus 1 (HSV1) or the herpes simplex virus 2 (HSV2). There are inconclusive data and extrapolations on the prevalence of herpes in different countries or regions around the world. Though they are not exact, knowing them will be helpful especially when you travel and get exposed to places or localities where genital herpes is accordingly widespread.

How common is genital herpes? No conclusive data or statistics can exactly pin-point the demographics of the people afflicted with herpes virus. Many factors come to play why it is difficult to exactly figure out how many people do have the virus. First and the most important reason is the shame factor. Those people who have been officially diagnosed or think that they may have herpes do not usually report their case for fear that they may be socially ostracized. Likewise, it is probably that some may not be aware of the disease for the virus affects people differently. Some people may unknowingly carry the virus but do not have symptoms such as blisters for long periods of time while others may show signs of having herpes in their first week.

How common is genital herpes? It is difficult to know. However, the fact that you ask this question, it is probable that you fear that you may have contracted the disease or you are engaging in risky sexual activities that may predispose you to having the virus. In this regard, it is a must that you always have yourself protected with condoms during sexual activities. This lessens your exposure not only to herpes simplex virus but also to even more deadly sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV AIDS. If you already have been diagnosed with herpes, you should be responsible for informing your partner or would be partner in order for him or her to acknowledge the risk associated with the disease. Likewise, having recurrences or during periods when you or your partner have broken sores, avoid engaging in physical intimacies because condoms would not be enough to protect you. The sores, which are not covered by latex will then be the source of exposure.

However, you may perhaps be interested to know how common genital herpes is in order to use it as reference to whether how or where you contracted the disease. Being interested in the number of people who have herpes is one step for you to educate yourself and be knowledgeable on your condition. Though herpes is incurable, you can find measures, steps, avoid activities, and employ coping mechanisms for you to live your life with herpes more fruitfully. With proper knowledge and employing procedures recommended for by medical practitioners, dealing with the disease will surely be easier for you.

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