Finding a Cure for Herpes

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Given the social stigma surrounding herpes, a lot of patients right now are looking for a cure, in order for them to be free from the physical and emotional pain that they suffer from this disease. Remember that there are a lot of herpes patients in the country right now who are not just suffering from the blisters that they have got due to the disease, but also from the emotional pain caused by the social stigma which is also present when one is diagnosed with the disease. Take note that herpes is a sexually transmitted disease and it usually affects the genital area of the patient. In this case, most patients are actually reluctant and shameful to actually start discussing their situation to their friends, their family, or even to seek medical help. This only makes them unknowledgeable on the disease, as well on the possible treatment that they may receive. In fact, the only way for a patient to start recovering from this disease is to seek the help if medical professionals, for they are the ones knowledgeable on how to handle this disease. Still, the question remains: is there a cure for herpes?

Unfortunately, despite the advances of medical science, there is not yet a discovered cure for herpes. Herpes is actually a disease that is caused by two kinds of viruses: the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 (or the HSV 1), and the Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 (or the HSV 2). The bad thing about these viruses is that they are dormant, in which they may remain inactive even though they are still within the system of the patient, wherein no symptoms appear and the virus is very hard to detect. Due to this nature, this Herpes Simplex Virus is very hard to investigate, giving a hard time for scientist and medical researchers to look for a cure to this disease. The virus only manifests itself whenever “outbreaks” of symptoms occur on the body of the patient. After such outbreaks, the virus then conceals itself, for it cannot be found even in the cells of the patient while it is dormant.

However, the good thing here is that, although herpes does not have any cure, it can actually be treated effectively. In this case, having continuous treatment will effectively reduce the risks of outbreaks among patients, making them have normal lives. In addition, there are also treatments available for patients who want to control the outbreaks of herpes that they are experiencing, especially in the pain associated with the lesions and the scars that are coming out. One of the most effective herpes treatments that patients can take is the Dynamiclear. Dynamiclear is actually a formula that only requires one application whenever an outbreak appears in the patient. Usually, this product is actually applied by the use if ear buds to the affected area. Meanwhile, H-away is another product that is designed to treat herpes, and the good thing about it is that it is designed to control future outbreaks, all in a mild solution.

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  1. Cristina says:

    i have had this for 5 years and only took meds with the first outbreak; since i have only had 6 in the 5 yrs. most of which have been in the last year(major srtses with hubby)outbreaks can happen at any time mostly with high srtses or illness as herpes attacks your immune system

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