How Long Do Herpes Outbreaks Last?

Being infected with herpes does not mean that you will manifest all its symptoms all of the time. The only time that symptoms and effects will be imminent is when an outbreak occurs. So, the pressing question now is: how long do Herpes outbreaks last? Is there a fixed period of time that the outbreak ensues? How would we know if an outbreak is on its way or if it is actually happening? Here are some information about herpes outbreaks – symptoms, causes, duration and treatment. It is important to be familiar with all of these information especially if you need to deal with the disease or if you know someone who is suffering from herpes and needs help.

Before the initial outbreak, the virus is in its dormant state. During this time, there is still a chance of passing the virus, but it is greatly lessened. During this state as well, one will not be able to know that he or she is carrying the herpes virus because there will not be any visible symptoms at all indicating the existence of the virus inside one’s body. Thus, the only time that a person may be diagnosed with herpes is when pre-outbreak symptoms start to manifest. There may even be instances when the disease is diagnosed in the outbreak phase already because the pre-outbreak symptoms are very similar to the things one experiences during a flu attack.

How long do Herpes outbreaks last? The duration of the initial outbreak is different males and females. For males, it is usually about up to two weeks, while for females, it is usually for about three weeks. There is no specific pattern as to when recurrent outbreaks will happen. Generally, however, the outbreak can be shorter than the previous episode, but oftentimes, the symptoms are as strong as they were during the initial outbreak. It is also important to note that during the pre-outbreak and outbreak phase, the virus is active and an infected person can really be very contagious.

The amount of time that an outbreak ensues can be limited by using proper medication. One may rely on topical medication while some would need oral medication. Whatever the case maybe, what’s important is that the medication is given by a doctor who is knowledgeable about the disease. Herpes is not a simple sickness wherein one can self-medicate. It is important to seek professional help as soon as one suspects of having herpes, in order to prevent recurrent outbreaks and infection of other people.

How long do Herpes Outbreaks last? After the initial outbreak, no one can really tell how long the subsequent outbreaks would last and how often they would manifest. However, proper management of the disease through medications and a change in lifestyle and a person’s mindset can greatly decrease the possibilities of an outbreak. For instance, being able to control one’s anxiety and keeping stress at an acceptable level can greatly decrease the frequency of herpes outbreaks, thus allowing a person with herpes to be able to live a normal life.

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