What Are The Best Over The Counter Medications for Herpes?

Over-the-counter or OTC are medicines that can be sold directly to the consumer. These are medicines you can buy even without the prescription from a physician. Over-the-counter drugs are used to treat conditions that don’t need professional advice from a physician. You can also buy them online, drugstore or in a local health food store. Efficiency of some has not been proven. Most of them are safe and can be easily tolerated by human body. Some of the over-the-counter medicines are ineffective and some are also dangerous. Over-the-counter medicines for herpes are available and mostly work for those who are affected by cold sores. These medications have been proven to lessen the itching and pain caused by herpes outbreak. Other medications sold over-the-counter are only for immediate pain relief such as ibuprofen and aspirin. Best over the counter medications for herpes comes in the form of ointments, daily supplements and oil.

There are different over-the-counter remedies for herpes. These can be also considered as Best over the counter medications for herpes. Examples are H-balm, H-away and H-prevention, Herp-eeze, Dynamiclear, Tetrasil and Abreva or Docosanol. H-balm is an oil medication for genital and oral herpes. This contains organic essential oils like Melissa or lemon balm essential oil that decrease the length of an outbreak. It can also prevent flare-ups and reduce the impact because it can penetrate into the skin. H-away and H-prevention are natural herpes medicines also made from organic essential oils. It helps to heal blisters faster. Herp-eeze is a herbal daily supplement that comes in tablet form. It is made up of zinc, Vitamin C, lysine, Acerola, Olive leaf and other herbal extracts. Zinc is a topical and internal agent that was found to be useful for herpes. Lysine helps suppress infection from herpes when taken regularly. Vitamin C increase oxygen level in the body that helps boost the immune system. Dynamiclear is also a herbal medicine for herpes in ointment form. It contains St. John’s wart extract and antiseptic ingredients that works in healing wounds and blisters. It also contains copper sulfate which is a sulfuric compound. Sulfur is known to heal all sorts of skin diseases throughout centuries. Tetrasil is made from tetrasilver tetroxide. It cures genital warts while it kills the pathogens by using electric shock and release pathogens as pathogenic oxygen than can kill other viral agents. It also kills germs to prevent skin itching, burning and early symptoms of herpes. Tetrasil therapy works on genital warts by targeting the root while providing comforting relief and faster healing. Abreva is the newest over-the-counter medicine remedy for herpes. It goes beneath the skin to heal from inside out.

Best over the counter medications for herpes are available for all. However, results may vary on each individual. Each patient experiences a different level of symptoms and each one has different level of herpes severity. Although most of these over-the-counter medications have shown promising results, you still have to try which one will be best for your condition.

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  1. I want to know the price how much will cost for Hsv2 if I take everyday,
    I got this from my bf he took everyday but its cost him 200$/month, but Im looking for anything cost cheaper than that,I have not has any breakout yet but he does.
    or maybe I have I am not really sure , but its seems I have sore inside I just getting worry and want to start take medicine because its kinda bothering me very much.
    hope to hear from you soon.


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