What Triggers a Herpes Outbreak?

For an entire lifetime, the herpes virus remains dormant in the human body. When it gets stimulated, it goes back to the genital skin and outbreaks. Not every individual obtains herpes over and over again. There are some individuals who may never manifest a break-out again while some individuals manifest about four to five herpes breakouts in a span of one year. What triggers a herpes outbreak? It has been discovered that there are certain factors that drives herpes to breakout again. Each and every one will have their own trigger, but there are a lot of instances that herpes may outbreak even if you may be monitoring your triggers very well. On a positive note, it is possible to lessen the frequency of your breakouts if you have identified the specific factors that stimulate genital herpes outbreak.

The following are some of the most common triggers of genital herpes. Keep these potential herpes these in mind as some may be the cause of what triggers a herpes outbreak in your personal case.

Hormones. Hormonal activity and changes, such as those that happen during the entire menstrual cycle, may have an impact on genital herpes outbreak. To date, no one knows for sure why this is so.

Nutrition. Foods high in L-arginine, which suppresses lysine, such as chocolate, peanuts, whole wheat bread, lentils, caffeine, processed foods, are known triggers for herpes outbreaks. You want to be eating foods that are rich in lysine, such as fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, beef, etc.

Colds and sunlight. There are some claims which point out that the typical cold and sunlight are possible triggers of oral herpes or cold sores, however, there are no solid evidence yet that they really trigger the outbreak of herpes.

Sex. Yes, believe it or not, having sex can trigger an outbreak. There are some individuals that have observed that the friction occurring during a sexual intercourse can irritate the skin and bring on the symptoms. The problem could be addressed through the use of a water-based lubricant so that the irritation may be reduced. Prevent from making use of lubrication which has the spermicide nonoxynol-9. This substance is known to be an irritant to the mucous membranes such as the lining of the vaginal wall. Also avoid using lubricants which are based in oil, as they tend to weaken latex, making condoms more likely to break. While the event of friction during a sexual intercourse seems one of the reasons of what triggers a herpes outbreak, it probably won’t cause a breakout every time you engage to sex.

Surgery, compromised immune system. Physical trauma to the body, such as undergoing a surgery may promote the appearance of herpes symptoms. Having a compromised and weak immune system does the same thing as well. Individuals who are immune-compromised due to HIV and chemotherapy for instance, tend to have flare-ups more frequently than individuals with normal immune system functioning do.

Keep in mind that the factors as to what triggers a herpes outbreak may not be the same for each and every one, and physicians are not sure how much lifestyle has to contribute with the flare-up of herpes symptoms. If you have observed that a specific factor triggers the symptoms, consult your doctor on what you can do about it. Also, bear in mind that obsession with trigger may not be a good thing.

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