Does Herpes Ever Go Away?

One of the most common questions regarding herpes is: Does it ever go away?

The fact here is that herpes can actually go away; but of course, medical assistance is required, before traces of this disease can eventually disappear from the patient’s system. Let me be clear, there is no cure for herpes, so in that regard, no, at this moment in time, herpes will not be entirely removed from your body. However, you can certainly be symptom free. In this case, due to the body’s natural reaction against the virus that is causing this disease, symptoms of herpes can actually disappear after three weeks, even though medication is not applied. However, the fact here is that it does not guarantee that the disease have gone away, for it can stay dormant in the patient’s body, and can reappear again soon in the future. In fact, this is the case for many patients affected with this disease but is reluctant to seek medical treatment; after symptoms go away for a while, it usually reappears even more severe than before.

In this case, if a patient really wants to get the disease to go away completely, then seeking medical attention is best for them. In fact, by seeking medical attention, especially with professionals having an expertise in sexually transmitted diseases, symptoms can actually go away faster than three weeks, an additional medication may kill the virus from your system altogether. Usually, what medical professionals do is that they actually let patients undergo a series of physical exams and blood tests, for them to determine which type of virus may have hit the patient, either HSV-1 or HSV-2. As long as they have already identified the virus that has hot the patients, then they can already give the proper medication that the patient must take. Although it is true that symptoms may again reappear even with medication, getting continued treatment will soon knock off the virus from the patient’s system.

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