Do Condoms Protect 100% From Herpes?

Condoms play an important role in the reducing the transmission of sexually transmitted disease or STD like HIV, AIDS and herpes. Although it appears that condoms are generally considered as a birth control method, using condoms are extensively recommended to prevent the spread and transmission herpes simplex virus. Studies shown that using it during sexual intercourse significantly reduce the risk of infection being transmitted. Laboratory results shows that herpes virus do not go through latex condoms. Even if studies shows that condoms are useful prevention for herpes, many people are still asking, Do condoms protect 100% from herpes? The answer in short is no. Although condoms can prevent the spread and transmission of herpes, it cannot be 100% accurate. Herpes simplex virus can be transmitted through skin contact. Condoms cannot guarantee 100% prevention because herpes lesions may occur in areas that is not covered by condoms. They don’t guarantee full safety but it is the most available form of herpes protection. The use of condom during sexual intercourse is decided by both partners. During the intercourse, there is a possibility that the condom will be damaged or even break, in this case, skin contact with the infected area is highly possible. If the infected party is concern about his or her partner, condom can give you a relief but it is not surely safe.

Do condoms protect 100% from herpes? You can just stop asking this question. Condoms will only cover a part of the genitals and infections may be present on the other area not covered by it. Herpes are mostly transmitted by individuals who are not aware that they are infected. Self- awareness is very important. Herpes brings out dynamic changes in a couple’s sex life, such as abstaining from sexual intercourse. Yes, normally, the best way to prevent the spread and transmission of herpes is to avoid any kinds of sexual contact. Avoiding sexual contact when symptoms are present will be a great help since herpes outbreaks occur only about a maximum of three-five times a year. Most couple sees it as a minor inconvenience only. Genital herpes does not automatically mean abstinence from sex. Intimate relationship is still possible even with herpes. Love is the most important thing in a relationship after all.

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