Where Can You Get Herpes?

Herpes, for those who are not utterly familiar with the disease, only knows one thing about it – it is a form of a sexually transmitted disease – or a disease which you can get by having sexual intercourse with another person who has it. Without proper understanding about where you can get Herpes, one may be led to believe that a partner have been unfaithful that’s why the disease was diagnosed. It can lead to the destruction of a relationship, or it can be cause of dishonesty for the suffering partner. Thus, adequate information about herpes needs to be known especially for those who are suffering from the disease and for their respective partners.

It is also important to note that there are a lot of misconceptions about Herpes. A lot of people think that there is only one type of herpes virus, so it is important to stress that there are two types of herpes – oral herpes simplex, which is caused by a virus known as HSV-1, while the other type is the genital herpes simplex, caused by the HSV2 virus. The method through which these viruses are spread or passed on is different. For HSV1, for instance, contact with a cold sore from an infected person is enough to transmit the virus, especially, when it is in its active state.

Going back to the issue of where you can get herpes: there are instances where one already has the herpes virus, but the virus is dormant and has not shown any manifestations. Thus, your partner may have been a carrier of the virus even before the two of you met; it’s just that the outbreak manifested late. So this means that all along, your partner was also unaware that he or she is already carrying the virus inside her. In this case, the partner is required to be as understanding and open minded as possible; otherwise it can lead to bad consequences.

It is also possible that a person carrying a dormant herpes virus would be passing it to his or her partner, and the secondary carrier is the one who manifests the outbreak first. If not diagnosed properly, the partner carrying the dormant virus may think that his or her partner has done something bad, without understanding that the virus really came from the dormant carrier. There is a blood test that can determine whether a person is a primary or secondary carrier of the virus, and this can greatly clarify a lot of information between partners.

There are actually a lot more people who carries the herpes virus without even knowing it, unless an outbreak occurs. Thus, it is very important to know where you can get herpes, how it can be transmitted, and how to identify if you are a carrier even if you have not experienced an outbreak. Through proper information awareness and dissemination, the spread of this infection can greatly be decreased, and more support can be given to people who are currently suffering from the disease.

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  1. so im 19 and my boyfriend is in jail and i found out i have herpes i fear he will leave me but i have been honest with him and he has made a commitment to try and stay with me, i am super greatful for his understanding

  2. totally_scared… you probably got it from him! You deserve better then someone like him! Looks like it’s been a few years, so hopefully you wised up and got a real man. ;D

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