How Stopping Herpes Outbreaks Naturally Can Become Your Best Treatment


When you are confronted with a recurring and incurable condition such as herpes, the best way to handle it is to effectively manage and control the outbreak. There are several ways to do so but stopping herpes outbreaks naturally is perhaps one of the best treatments you can ever have. Here’s how to do it.

The Natural Healing Process
Herpes can heal naturally, especially when your body is strong enough to fight the virus in the system that makes herpes short-lived. To help the body in its healing process and to speed up the process as well, here are the things you must do in stopping herpes outbreaks naturally:

Free yourself from worries. Don’t think that you are helpless with your situation as you can do something about it. Worrying can also make matters worse and instead of worrying, calm yourself and condition your mind that you’ll overcome the situation.

To relieve you from the painful symptoms of the herpes virus such as severe itching and blisters, take a warm salt bath, preferably using Epsom salt. This can soothe the itch and the pain associated with the herpes outbreak and can de-stress your mind and body as well.

As an emergency but temporary solution to the outbreak, especially when you can’t stand the severity of the itchiness, apply ice directly on the affected area. It helps to wear loose underwear made from cotton or no underwear at all.

Keep your proper hygiene. Wash your genital area with lukewarm water and pat it dry and clean. You have to make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after to prevent the spread of the virus to other areas in your body. Refrain from having sexual intercourse at this time.

The Herbal Solution
In stopping herpes outbreaks naturally, you can benefit from herbal solution such as thyme (a substance which you can find in tea) either taken orally or topically, tea tree oil applied to the affected area, or grapefruit juice which you can also dab on the affected area.

You also need to increase the natural defense of your body to fight the virus. This you can do by taking essential vitamins and minerals that will boost your immune system such as vitamins a, c, and e as well as zinc and lysine to prevent the replication of the virus in your system.

The Value of a Stress-Free Life
Live a stress –free life as much as possible. The best way to stop an outbreak is to prevent it to occur in the first place. You must be familiar with the warning signs, most of which resemble the flu signs along with the itch. Anticipating the virus and killing it even before the outbreak can tremendously reduce the effects and painful symptoms of herpes.

It is best to avoid your stress triggers. When you feel like stress is coming to get the better of you, relax yourself. You can listen to your favorite music, exercise, or do yoga and meditation to calm your mind and body. De-stressing is beneficial in stopping herpes outbreaks naturally.

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  1. Helen says:

    Great tips i must say, great points listed up there. I have realized that many people feel embarrassed when faced with herpes, especially men and they normally dont handle it well.

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