The Social Stigma of Having Herpes


It is undeniable that any person having herpes would suffer from a certain kind of social stigma. Some may question this preposition; however, the fact is that we live in a society where many are not comfortable being in a relationship when it is affected by sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes. Because herpes is not curable, it’s one disease that many people who have sex are extremely scared of catching. I think it would be safe to say that the majority are just uneducated about the disease, but the rumors and myths surrounding it, doesn’t help. In fact, more often than not, persons with herpes actually fears having “the talk” with potential partners, because of fear of rejection and everything that comes with it. In this case, such people affected with herpes only suffer more. I can’t even tell you about how many people that I’ve personally spoken to, that have herpes, that know very little to nothing about it. These are people that have had it for years! Getting the facts and figures concerning the disease is not only in their own best interest, but to educate partners as well.

However, it may appear that there is a downward trend in the perception that herpes as a subject to talk about is taboo. According to a recent survey, a slight majority of both people infected with herpes and people free from herpes actually agrees that herpes is not as taboo to talk about anymore. It may be the sheer number of people infected, or that we’re becoming more liberal as a society. Take note that in prior times, every disease connected with sexually transmitted was almost entirely forbidden, especially when the subject of sex itself is still considered taboo. But with conservative views increasingly drowned by the more liberal voices of today‚Äôs youth, people are now more open in talking about sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes. This is a great situation that people affected with herpes must take advantage of. One of the major steps in successfully dealing with herpes is for the affected patient to actually know more about what his or her disease is really all about, knowing the facts and the figures behind this disease. In this case, it surely helps for people to talk to somebody, rather than keeping to oneself.

However, with herpes being the second sexually transmitted disease with the worst stigma (with HIV being the first), being able to treat it is easier said than done. One of the major reasons behind it is that this disease can spread easily, even with condoms and no outbreak in sight. However, it is important to note that there are medications, different foods that help suppress, and even living stress free lives that can drastically can help contain this disease, and all it takes for patients is to have the courage to consult a trusted doctor. Don’t let the stigma of herpes get in your way to finding or having a healthy relationship. It’s up to you to educate your partners and know your own body to asset any potential risk of spreading it.

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