How to Prevent Passing Herpes

How can you avoid the transmission of the herpes virus to other people? First you will need to have a full understanding on how the virus is spread. Then you will be able to take steps on how to prevent passing herpes to other people.

Before the infection can be passed on from one person to another, the virus has to be able to attach itself to the other person’s skin cells. Keep in mind that the herpes virus will not be able to live very long outside a cell and it cannot be passed on across an open space but only through direct contact. For instance, do not expect that the herpes virus could be transmitted when a person sneezes and spread the virus across the room to another person. In addition to this, one cannot get infected with the virus from someone spitting or bleeding on you.

The herpes virus can be transmitted through both anal and vaginal intercourse. The virus could also be passed on from oral sex, if you have a cold sore on your mouth. These events may also transmit the herpes virus into your partner’s genitals. It is important to note here that the exchange on body fluids is not a means to spread the virus, such as in HIV, but rather, it is the exposure and direct contact with an infected lesion or herpes sore.

In a sexual relationship with someone who carries the herpes various, the risk of contracting the herpes infection will never be zero, although there are some steps that you can do on how to prevent passing of herpes.

Talk to your partner – it is very crucial that you and your partner have a full awareness of what herpes is, what this condition is all about and what precaution should you both follow to help prevent transmission

Avoid sexual contact at high risk periods – Keep from having contact with the affected area a few days before, during and after an outbreak of herpes because the infection is highly contagious during this point.

Limit the number of sexual partners – Engaging in sexual intercourse with more than one partner will increase your risk of getting the virus. If you have herpes, having sex with more than one partner will only spread the dreaded virus.

Use latex condoms and dental dams – Latex condoms provide beneficial protection from herpes, covering or protecting the mucous membranes which are the most likely areas of infection. Although condoms can really help in reducing the chances of transmitting the infection, they do not always guarantee safety. This is because the herpes infection is not always situated in a particular part of the body that can be protected by the condom.

Is there a possible way on how to prevent passing herpes? Yes of course! A lot of couples have been in a relationship for many years without spreading herpes. The above-mentioned tips should help you in preventing the transmission of the herpes infection and improve your sex life.

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