Living Your Life with Herpes

Living your life with herpes may probably sound awful the first time you discovered that you contracted the sexually transmitted disease. You may get into an in-denial phase and it will probably be difficult for you to believe and accept the fact that you tested positive for herpes. However, having herpes is not the end of the world for you. Somehow, you have to equip yourself with much optimism because still, you can undertake several measures in order to live life to the fullest despite having herpes.

First off, having a general know-how on the disease will enable you to avoid certain practices and activities that can make the disease more debilitating for you.

There is no definite cure for herpes. No drug has yet been made to wipe the virus off a hundred percent from your system. Currently, acyclovir is the medicine prescribed for people infected with both HSV 1 and HSV 2. Your doctor can prescribe the medication in oral tablets or in topical form, which is to be applied on sores in the skin.

Can you still engage in sexual activities despite herpes? The answer is a definite yes. However, it will be fair for your partner if he or she has knowledge of you having this sexually transmitted disease prior to having sex. You can be more comfortable knowing that you do not need to hide anything from your partner.

Protected sex by using condom is a prerequisite. Herpes is extremely contagious. You have to keep in mind that there is no time that you will be unable to spread it. In this regard, avoid sex when you have any sores. Likewise, the latex protection can only give protection with regards to the part that it covers. Any sores which are not covered by latex can predispose your partner to contracting the disease. Also, the sores are open wounds that put you in a higher risk to contract HIV and AIDS.

Having herpes is definitely a life changing phase for you. You may feel mixed emotions of guilt, shame, sadness, and anger especially if you contracted the disease from your partner who has not been honest with you about having herpes. Living your life with herpes will be much easier if there are people who understand and support you through tough times. Admitting to your loved ones, especially your family that you have herpes will be difficult at first. You can opt to seek medical or professional support that can guide you on what to do and how to deal with your emotions. Likewise, channel your stress on participating in activities hosted by support groups that give education as well as emotional recovery programs for people with herpes. Stress can put your body in a state where it is unable to fight off the infection and may aggravate your condition more.

Living your life with herpes is sure tough. However, educating yourself and taking proper measures will enable you to live a better life despite having the disease.

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