What Are The Symptoms of a Herpes Outbreak?


The symptoms for a herpes outbreak may depend on the type. The herpes virus comes in two strains, HSV-1, which is oral herpes, aka coldsores, and HSV-2, which is gential herpes. As we know, herpes is contracted by skin to skin contact. In most people infected with the herpes virus, their first outbreak usually happens anywhere from two days up to almost three weeks after coming into contact with someone that had herpes. Because your immune system has never experienced the virus, there are no anti-bodies to help fight it off, so the first outbreak may be the worst you’ll ever experience. Initial symptoms can include:

– Swollen lymph nodes in your genital region or throat
– Inflamed blisters on the infected area
– Flu like symptoms, such a fever, sneezing, headaches etc
– Burning/tingling sensation in the infect area
– Pain in the lower back, back of legs or buttocks
– Small red bumps in the genital area that develop into blisters, which burst, then form a scab

It’s important that you do not self-diagnose these symptoms, but immediately speak with your doctor and get tested. Many times, people misdiagnosis themselves, thinking the blisters or red bumps are just an insect bite, pimple, jock itch, ingrown hair, etc. It’s very easy to make the mistake, especially if herpes is totally brand new to you.

After an outbreak happens, the physical signs of herpes could last for one to two weeks. During this time though, you should make sure to keep the infected area clean with warm water and dry it completely. Make sure that after you touch any of the infected areas that you wash your hands as you could spread your virus to different parts of your body if you are not careful.

Some people, however, are not like others and their case of herpes is generally mild in comparison. This is mainly due to the fact that these people have already dealt with a mild case of herpes before (i.e. having oral herpes and contracting genital herpes) and their immune system has fought back against this infectious disease. Sometimes you may or may not even notice the herpes outbreak if your body has fought this type of infection before. In general, mild cases can last about two to three weeks. They are usually far less severe from the first outbreak.

If you think that you have have contracted herpes, it’s important to immediately talk to your doctor and get tested ASAP. You want to make sure that you receive a professional diagnosis. You will have many questions, and you may be totally scared, and that’s completely normal. What’s important is to find out for sure if you do in fact have herpes, then work with your doctor to figure out what treatment may work best for you.

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