How To Effectively Treat Herpes


If you have been diagnosed with herpes, you may now be looking for ways to treat your outbreaks. There are some tips that you should know when looking at taking care of this condition. Herpes is very contagious, so you want to learn what will not only help you manage your future outbreaks, but also educate yourself on not spreading the virus further. Along with a healthy diet, antiviral prescription medication as well as over the counter and natural remedies exist to help you manage herpes.

Maintaining a strict food intake when you have an outbreak out is a key component to helping yourself heal. There are many different ways to help boost your immune system, but most people take supplement pills, such as Amino Acid L-lysine. Lysine is a known to have beneficial affects on lowering the time and regularity of an outbreak. Taking supplements can encourage your body to quickly heal itself. It may be in your best interest to inject antioxidants and Vitamin C pills. Avoiding psychological complications such as stress has been shown to also help the healing process. Lastly, using topical creams to cover your herpes should help speed up healing and soon the herpes should scab up. New skin growth should appear underneath the scab. Until you are growing new skin, you should keep out of contact with other people and always make sure to wash your hands to prevent the unwanted spread of herpes. Whether it’s soaking in water or it’s just your body naturally perspiring, you always want to make sure that the infected area is cleaned thoroughly. Keeping a clean environment will help ensure that you don’t accidentally spread your herpes anywhere else. Even though it may be tough sometimes, you need to make sure and keep the infected area as dry as possible so that the wounds can heal and scab over. The quicker this happens, the quicker you’ll be back to your normal self.

When diagonised from a doctor or health clinic, most often they will recommend and prescribe two main antivirual drugs, Valtrex or Zovirax (aka Acyclovir). Valtrex is taken oral 1 or 2 times daily during an outbreak and 1 daily to help reduce the risk of having an outbreak. Acyclovir on the other hand is taken as much as 5 times daily during an outbreak and 2-4 times a day for suppressive treatment. Unfortunately, like most drugs, both of these medications also have side effects such as nausea, vomiting, headaches, dizziness and diarrhea. It’s also important to remember that in order for the medication to be successful, you cannot stop taking them. They are basically to be taken for life. Their effectiveness varies, some swear by one or the other, in helping reduce or even eliminate outbreaks all together. Some have not had as much success. You are your doctor will need to discuss what drug is right for you, if you decide to go that route.

A topical, over the counter, solution that has been gaining much popularity, due to it’s success rates, over the years is called Dynamiclear. Instead of taken orally, this gel is applied directly on the outbreak, where it penetrates through the membrane of the virus stopping or reducing the outbreak dramatically. It’s completely non-toxic, and based on natural herbs and ingredients. There are no side effects other than some users have reported that there is a stinging sensation when applied to the skin. Dynamiclear is used only to help eliminate an outbreak when one exists, it cannot be used in preventive measures. One of the great things about this solution is that there is no prescription required and the product even comes with a money-back guarantee. I don’t see drug companies offering that.

It’s important to realize that there is no known cure for herpes, but there are different solutions out there that can help you manage your outbreaks effectively. Discussing with your doctor or making the decision on your own, it’s best to choose a treatment method that works to help you manage your herpes outbreaks, but is also good for your overall health.

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