Are There Natural Cures for Herpes?


Most people who have herpes wonder if there are alternative ways other than prescription medication that can help get rid of or control their herpes outbreaks. The answer is yes, there is. Although there are different treatments that you can try for your virus, but you do need to know that there is no actual cure for herpes. All you can do is try natural remedies to ward off or relieve outbreaks, but you cannot get rid of herpes itself. It does take longer to heal your body the natural way, but it is an option beyond medical treatments your doctor may prescribe. Below are some natural solutions you may look into for your herpes breakouts.

Most of the time when you talk about herpes and natural cures or remedies, the amino acid Lysine is brought up. It’s one of the most effective, over the counter, supplements that you can take to not only use as suppressive therapy, but also to reduce the outbreak time. You can pick it up at any health food store, or places online like Amazon, or just about any health/supplement store online. When searching, you’ll find there are many brands to choose from. I recommend the brand Country Life, as they follow good manufacturing practices and their ingredients are pure. Lysine is very inexpensive (approx. $15 for a 6 month + supply) and really effective. I personally take two (2) 1000mg tablets a day when I begin to feel an outbreak coming on and it’s a vast difference in recovery time versus when I don’t take anything at all.

Another natural remedy is a topical solution called

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  1. Ritu says:

    Many people may question if there is truly any natural herpes cures. The fact is that most times, nature has a cure for all our diseases and disorders. These days people infected with herpes also prefer natural herpes cures over the expensive creams, lotions and tablets available in allopathy. The best part about natural remedies is that they have no side effects! There are large numbers of natural remedies useful for herpes outbreaks. One should try to find best natural herpes cure on the internet or consult a doctor before taking any remedy.

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