Where Can I Get Tested For Herpes Simplex?


If you think you have herpes simplex but you aren’t sure of it, you might consider getting yourself tested. There are a variety of health care clinics out there that can do this, or you can see if your family physician is certified to administer these tests. Although, quite often, your doctor will refer you to a specialized lab. There are three different types of tests out there for herpes, and each one can be beneficial in its own way. Here we will look at these different kinds of tests to determine which one may be best for you. As always though, remember to talk to your doctor to really figure out your best options.

The first testing you may endure is called a viral culture. For this type of test to be administered, you must already have a breakout of herpes somewhere on your body. During the test, a doctor will “culture” a sample of the infected area and use it to determine if herpes is present. The problem with this type of testing is that it is limited to outbreaks only. If you have a dormant case of herpes, a viral culture will not be able to determine that. The culture may also not be able to detect herpes even if it is present, depending on how much of the viruses are left on the skin.

You may also get a blood test to determine if you have herpes or not. A blood test can be administered at any time during the course of herpes, even if you do not have a breakout at the time. The problem that comes with this test is that it cannot detect what type of herpes you have, and it is not effective if you have just recently contracted the problem. Blood tests focus on the antibodies in your bloodstream, so if the herpes has not hit your antibodies yet, the test will result in a false negative.

The third common testing method for herpes is antigen testing. Antigen testing is not used very often because it is less sensitive than viral culture and cannot be administered without lesions present. This type of testing also fails to determine what kind of herpes you have, but the results of the tests do come out faster with this method. Antigen tests are also less expensive than viral cultures, which is why some people still choose to get them. Talk to your doctor about any problems you may be having and get yourself tested as soon as possible.

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