What Are The Signs I May Have Herpes?


For all the sexual education that we may have, especially when we’re younger, aside from HIV, you rarely think about STDs that cannot be cured. I recall growing up and never thinking about an STD that can’t go away. Obviously, I wasn’t paying attention when they were speaking about herpes. Most people truly don’t even know what herpes is, how it looks, or even how to treat it – or if it is treatable at all. There are some things that you might want to look at if you believe that you have herpes, and the sooner you find out whether or not you have it, the sooner you can fight back against it.

First it is important to know that more than three fourths of the world suffers from the herpes virus, even though more than sixty percent don’t even know that they have it. You could have contracted herpes and have no signs at all, passing it to others without ever being aware of it. Why some people react and breakout and why some don’t is a mystery, in which can be associated to our individual genetic makeup. If you contracted herpes (verified by a blood or antigen test) and do not show signs, that means that your body has built up some immunity for the virus. This could have happened if you suffer from a lot of cold sores, or herpes of the mouth, when you are sick or stressed out.

If you are showing signs of the herpes virus, you will notice that you infected area will become itchy and burn a bit. More often than not, you’ll experience a tingling sensation before an outbreak occurs. You might also notice that your lymph glands are swollen either on the sides of your neck or in your genital region. The most visible awareness of herpes is a sore that may start off as looking like a zit or a whitehead, then burst and quite possibility lead to a painful inflamed blister. However, herpes my also be first noticed by little red bumps that later scab over or crust over and turn into these painful blisters. Symptoms such as headache, fever, lower back pain and muscle aching are commonly associated with the early stages of a herpes outbreak as well.

Some symptoms of herpes are more painful than others. You could get a very painful burning sensation in your infected area. To help this, you should either use a topical cream or take a warm bath and add in some baking powder to help get rid of the pain. It is also possible to get vaginal and penis discharge. Also associated with the discharge is darken urination.The fact is, many people experienced different signs or symptoms of the herpes virus, but it’s important that if you notice something or feel different, it’s best to see your physician before the problems get any worse.

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