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What are the Best Prescription Medications for Herpes?

Herpes or genital herpes is a life-changing virus. It may be one of the most embarrassing situations in an individual’s life. However, it is not something to be ashamed of. The number of individuals getting infected by herpes simplex virus keeps on increasing every year. The herpes virus can be easily transmitted by sexual contact. At present, there is no cure available for this disease. The newest development in the research for the cure in for this disease is the a herpes vaccine. Unfortunately, it will only work on patients that don’t have the disease yet. For patients with recurring cases and symptoms, prescription medications for Herpes are available but they do not actually cure the disease but relieves the patient by reducing the uncomfortable symptoms brought by the infection.

Although herpes is still incurable, different types of treatment are available for infected patients. Antiviral therapy is given to most patients who have primary and recurrent infection. Some treatments are also safe during pregnancy. Drug treatments available today aids in reducing the frequency of recurring symptoms and can help shorten the duration of infection. Antivirals help reduce recurrences but unfortunately, it also eliminates asymptomatic viral shedding that also spread the virus. Prescription medication for herpes are Acyclovir, Valacyclovir also known as Valtrex and Famciclovir or Famvir are good examples of antiviral drugs that are used to treat this disease. Valtrex are tablets that can be taken two to three times daily to treat genital herpes. Acyclovir treats herpes’ infections of the lip, skin and genitals, chickenpox and herpes zoster or shingles. It does not cure these infections but reduces the pain and itching and promotes healing. Famvir or Famciclovir is an oral antiviral prescription medication. It is the only oral prescription that can be use to treat genitals. Generic Valtrex and Acyclovir Zovirax are available for generic prescriptions. These medications can be taken in two ways: episodic treatment and suppressive treatment. Episodic treatment is taking the medication when an outbreak occurs while the suppressive treatment is a daily or maintenance treatment.

Choosing the Best Prescription Medications for Herpes depends on the patient. Each condition and symptoms vary depending on the condition of the patient and the state of the virus infection. The severity of herpes infected patient will be determined by the physician before giving the right medication. It means that these medications can’t be taken without the advice of a physician since your body may show undesirable side effects if a medication treatment is taken without the test being conducted. Aside from medication, getting adequate rest, eating a healthy diet, and reducing stress may help in reducing outbreaks. An individual who is affected and have recurring outbreak symptoms of herpes virus should avoid any sexual contact. Not only it can transmit the infection on another party, it can also worsen the condition. Abstinence from sex is also an important practice to remember in order to prevent the transmission of the infection.