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Can Genital Herpes Cause Other Health Problems?

In some people inflicted with genital herpes, symptoms might never show up, but there are cases wherein the symptoms become severe, thus other complications arise, specifically if the sores or herpes blisters show in various areas of the body. This article attempts to answer the question – can genital herpes cause other problems?

Genital herpes can be passed on through direct contact herpes infection, such as contact with herpes sore or blister, typically through sexual contact such as oral, vaginal or anal intercourse. The herpes virus may also be passed on even when the symptoms do not manifest and be dormant for a long period of time before you can even get to notice any signs of the ailment.

Currently, there are no available vaccines to prevent the spread of herpes. Herpes and its symptoms are managed through the use of antiviral drugs such as vacyclovir. Along with the awareness of the causes, prevention and cure of herpes, special attention should also be given to another important concern related to genital herpes – can genital herpes cause other problems?

In healthy adults, genital herpes does not really cause other serious permanent health complications aside from the painful blister or sores. But there are times that the following complications may manifest:

Contracting other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). If you have genital herpes, you are actually at high risk of contracting or transmitting other sexually transmitted diseases such as the AIDS virus.

Proctitis. In males, genital herpes infection could bring about inflammation of the rectum’s mucous lining, more specifically in males who engage to sexual intercourse with another male.

Meningitis. In very rare occasions, genital herpes infection may bring cause the inflammation of the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surrounds the spinal cord and the brain. Meningitis is a life-threatening disorder specifically when these happen: drowsiness, blurriness of vision and photophobia, bulging on the baby’s head and seizures.

Urinary bladder retention. In females, having infected with genital herpes can lead to having difficulties with the urinary system including urine retention.

Newborn Infection. A female who have an open herpes blister or sore may transmit the virus to her newborn baby as the infant passes through the mother’s birth canal. Pregnant women who are experiencing their first herpes breakout during the period of delivery are the most at high risk of spreading the virus to their babies. Genital herpes infection may lead to mortality of the newborn, blindness or brain damage.

When an individual has genital herpes, other internal organs such as the liver, lungs and the joints could suffer complications. This especially likely to occur in patients who have dysfunctional immune systems such as those who have HIV, cancer or diabetes and people who are undergoing chemotherapy.

Can genital herpes cause other problems? To avoid the above mentioned complications, you may want to recall once more that the virus causing herpes survives in the mucus and may affect any other parts of the body where mucus is present.