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What Does Herpes Sores Look Like

Herpes is a condition that is caused by the herpes simplex virus. It can be transmitted through the saliva or through sexual contact. The causative agent enters the body through cuts or cracks in the skin or mucosal surfaces. The virus can attack and reproduce in the nervous system. It can remain inactive until it is triggered by a stressful incident, another infection and/ or trauma. It is a common infection although some people who get infected are not aware that they have it because they do not manifest any or some of the usual signs and symptoms. The most common manifestations of this infection are fever, body aches, weight loss, blisters or lesions and swollen lymph nodes. So now you may be wondering, what does herpes look like?

Herpes pictures of oral herpes which is caused by the herpes simplex virus 1 will show a solitary oral lesion or blister. At times it may appear as a clustered lesion with associated pain. They are usually referred to as cold sores. Although these blisters are often seen on the lips or around the lips, they may also affect areas such as the cheeks, nose and/ or even the chin. These symptoms do not manifest in all patients with oral herpes. At times, these lesions are mistaken for acne or pimples, a cut or small crack in the skin, an insect bite or even chapped lips. In some cases the lesions do not progress to its blister like appearance, they simply appear as tiny bumps on the skin and are reddish in appearance.

Genital herpes pictures on the other hand will show ulcerations that are small and are fluid filled. These lesions crust over and eventually scab looking like small healed cuts with reddish and swollen skin surrounding it. The infected individual may then experience tingling, itching or sometimes a burning sensation on the affected part of the vagina or penis, the anal area, testicles or the scrotum. For the males, indicators of a genital herpes infection will be seen on the foreskin or the head of the penis, on the shaft and anywhere in the pubic area. For females, it appears on the labia and in the region where pubic hair grows.

It is very important that you check with your physician as soon as you notice any of the signs and symptoms of herpes whether oral or genital. And this is especially true if you are one who enjoys more than one sexual partner. Physical assessment is always the first step but in cases wherein the symptoms are no longer present, a blood test may be done to determine the presence of the causative agent. But this test is only possible after 3 months from exposure. Although there is no cure for this infection, antivirals may be given to lessen the extent of the outbreak and prevent the reproduction of the herpes virus.

herpes picture
Herpes Simplex on Body Picture

What Does Herpes Look Like?

Because of the different stages of a herpes outbreak, it’s difficult to pinpoint exactly what herpes look like. In the initial stages, herpes can look like whitehead, or a zit, that you would find anywhere else on your body. Embarrassingly enough, the first time I encountered herpes was on my leg, and I thought I had poison oak. I began scratching it to the point where it bled, which just ultimately caused it to spread. In my case, it looked very similar to poison oak. Some cases of this virus look like small paper cuts, and when an outbreak is in full effect it looks like a series of mosquito bites. A herpes breakout starts with an irritating rash on the surface of the skin, and then it turns into larger, zit like blisters. The skin with the issues usually becomes tender at this point, and the blisters begin to grow until they potentially form one large blister. The insides of the blisters can be clear, white, green or yellow, and the overall look of the problem will depend on the person and where the herpes is on his or her body. Once the blister breaks, herpes at that point, looks like an open sore.

When the herpes outbreak starts to heal, the blisters will begin to crust, scab and will begin to look like normal skin again. Depending on how severe the outbreak is, scaring may occur, but generally it will not. The skin that remains underneath the herpes might be a different shade than the rest of the skin, but after healing, it does all look like the same texture at least. Future outbreaks should not look as bad, with less blisters forming and a quicker healing time. Again, that all depends on the severity of your case and the treatments you are undergoing. There’s very little distinction, if any, between what herpes looks like for HSV-1 and HSV-2, they’re just at different parts of the body. If you think you may have herpes, it’s always important and can’t be stressed enough to get tested and talk to your doctor to see what treatment may be right for you.

Here’s two pictures of HSV-1, Oral Herpes from the initial stage, where zit like blisters begin to form to the time when the blister has popped and has scabbed.
pictures of HSV-1oral herpes pictures